Custom One of A Kind Rustic Distressed Wavy US Flag Concealed Weapons Case FREE US SHIPPING

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This is a one of a kind piece. We use nothing but high quality materials in all our products. No fence panels or peg board.

ATTENTION: There is a scratch at on the top right of the case. Scratch was already in the wood before staining(can't be seen once hung). There is also a small dent at the very top edge of the flag area, this was also done before staining. This is NOT , all imperfections were left in the wood to obtain the rustic and distressed look.

Ready to Ship! No waiting 4-6 weeks for the item to be made!

Inner Dimensions: 37" Wide x 16 3/4" Tall x 3 1/4" Deep

Outer Dimensions: 39 1/4" Wide x 19 1/8" Tall x 3 1/2" Deep

Flag front is made of Poplar. The sides and nacking are pine.

Flag front was carved in with our CNC Router. It took a little over 20hrs to cut. We left all flaws in the wood to keep with that distressed rustic look. Stars and red stripes are cut into the wood. Painted, distressed and stained in golden oak. Semi gloss clear coated.

3 inch pre scored cushion insert(NO pegboard like the majority of others on the market) Cushions have NOT been glued down. It can easily be removed for aces to the pre drilled holes to attach to the wall.

RFID Locking Device with Master Card and 2 Key Chain Unlocking Devices.

Two 4lb Hydraulic lifts to raise and keep the cover up.

2 sets of Pre drilled holes in back for easy hanging. One is 18" and the other is 22" apart.

Batteries and instructions are included. Be sure and read these. It tells you when to change the batteries,etc...

These are deisgned and made by a 20+yr Army Combat Veteran

Not the design you were looking for? We do custom work! Message us for more info.