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Distressed Rustic American Flag Challenge Coin Holder Ready to Ship

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Flag is READY to Ship!

Shipping calculated is USPS. If I can get it cheaper thru FedEx I will use them and refund shipping overages of $5+

Flag is Pine

Approx 27" W x 15" T

Painted,stained, distressed and sealed with 3 coats of polyurethane.

Stars and white stripes are all carved into the wood using a CNC wood router.

4 Rows of coin holder slots. Holds approx. 50 Coins ( Possibly more depending on coin size).
Coin holder slots are cut to .25" thickness

Flag comes with 2 different methods of display a easel on the back and also 2 keyholes.

These are handmade by a U.S. Army Veteran of 20+yrs.